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We will help you move to the TOP on OZON, Wildberries and other marketplaces in Russia
Are you looking for a marketplace manager or do you want to promote your store to the TOP? We will help you get to the leading positions or optimize it for the Russian market in the shortest possible time!
We help you earn
About company
We have been working in the field of Russian marketplaces for more than 5 years. We have vast experience in categories ranging from toys to spare parts.

Cooperating with us you get:

  • Team of professionals
  • Accurate analytics
  • The experience of each employee
  • Work with your store 7 days a week

Each of our managers has sufficient experience in the MP, the total experience of our team is more than 10 years! We brought a lot of sellers to the MT of zero and raised revenue to 13,000+ dollars per month in the shortest possible time.

Our range of services includes a complete store packaging:

  • infographics
  • video graphics
  • Rich (ozone)
  • Description
  • SEO optimization
  • Work with clients
  • Work with advertising (internal and external)
  • Self-Redemptions (over 2500 live accounts)

and much more!
Maintenance, promotion and redemption services on MP
Maintenance, promotion of OZON, Wildberries, YandexMarket and others
We will take your store on a turnkey basis or create it from scratch!
You will only have to ship the goods and earn. Reports, analytics, seo, advertising settings, work with customers and much more - we take care of all this. Reports are generated every two weeks.
Redemptions on OZON, Wildberries
The best promotion tool and the most effective at the moment. With it, it is possible to promote the product to the TOP in the shortest possible time. It all depends on the budget you are willing to invest.
Analytics and selection of a profitable niche
Let's carry out a complete ABC XYZ analysis, collect the entire data array in a table and form it for easy reading. Analytics uses several data collection programs. The breakdown and forecasting of revenue is based on the collected data.
Steps to get started
Introduction to the product
We get acquainted with the goods and analyze the points of growth
We sign an agreement
You get acquainted with our contract, we discuss it and sign it. Further, after signing, payment is made and work begins
We carry out the analysis
We do a free analysis of one selected category and make up its potential growth with our work
Beginning of work
We draw up a work plan for the month and introduce you to it. We begin to identify errors and search for growth points. Every week a report is prepared based on the work done and the work plan for the month.
Each member of our team has solo experience in working with many MPs and categories. We have combined our experience and knowledge to help you earn and not be disappointed in the field of online sales!
  • Team
    Our team consists of more than 8 specialists in their field. A team of professionals will work with your store, you will only have to collect orders!
  • Experience
    Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience. They use their knowledge at work.
  • Presents
    5 free infographics for any cards. Also, with the possibility of redemption, we give 50 free.
  • Efficiency
    We care about our clients' time. Just give us a call, and we will help you with all the questions.

More about our work
We will conduct a full analysis of the category, select a more profitable niche and calculate the approximate revenue
Our team
  • Kirill
    Founder & Manager
  • Veronica
    Founder & Manager
  • Vitaly
    Founder & Manager
  • Alexander
  • Ivan
  • Kirill
    Analyst & Marketer
  • Eugene
  • Daniel
    Buyouts & Associate Designer
  • Alexander
    Buybacks & Associate Analyst
  • Eugene
    Design Director
  • Dmitriy
    Buyouts & Associate Manager
The cost can be discussed personally, it is possible to take or remove services that affect the final cost.
Maintain + Create
Per month
Maintain + Create
Per month
Maintain + Create
Per month
Maintain + Create
Per month
Contact us and we will help you with any question that arises!
We will answer you within a day!
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